Shine Guard Car Protection
21, Jalan Lembah Permai 1,
Taman Lembah Permai,
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
+6017-476 0309
Service Centre (Auto City)
1797, Auto World,
Jalan Perusahaan,
Juru Interchange,
13600 Prai,
Penang, Malaysia.
+6017-476 0309 (Serena)

Lustro Coating

The Tasks:
  1. Inspection of external vehicle’s body paint for blemishes, scratches and other imperfections and advise customer if the vehicle can go ahead with the Lustro application or to do up the imperfections before Lustro application;
  2. Washing of vehicle’s external body, tyres and rims and interior vacuuming;
  3. Removal of road tars, debris and other contaminants with our Quick Clean Solution and Clay Bar or other quality cleaning compounds;
  4. Drying of external vehicle’s body and taping of all vulnerable parts with masking tape;
  5. Polishing of external vehicle’s body paint with our Levelling or Fast Action Compound IF it has imperfections and stubborn dirts and stains that could not be removed by normal washing;
  6. Buffing and washing of external vehicle’s body paint to remove the polish residue;
  7. Re-washing of external vehicle’s body with our Lustro Step 1 Wash Solution to remove wax, silicone, polymer or resin residue and to positively charge the paint surface;
  8. Rinsing of external vehicle’s body after washing of Step 1 Wash Solution;
  9. Drying of external vehicle’s body thoroughly and re-taping of all vulnerable parts with masking tape;
  10. Application of our Lustro Step 2 Sealant to external paint surface with our special orbital buffer that will not create swirl marks on the painted surface;
  11. Buffing of external vehicle’s body with our special orbital buffer after Lustro Step 2 sealant has dried to a haze;
  12. Wiping of windscreen, windows, door panels, dashboard, doors and boot edges and engine compartment;
  13. Polishing of rims with good polish;
  14. Application of tyres and rubber panels and bumper shine;
  15. Final inspection of vehicle’s before handing over of vehicle to customer.

Chevrolet 1 products
Ford 2 products
Honda 37 products
Hyundai 3 products
Kia 3 products
Mercedes-Benz 1 products
Mitsubishi 1 products
Nissan 8 products
Perodua 1 products
Peugeot 4 products
Proton 1 products
Toyota 9 products
Volkswagen 2 products

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